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About Deviant Member Yugi Muto (Mutou)Male/Japan Group :iconmmd-users-unite: MMD-users-unite
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~New Year Resolution~

Bullet; Green What is your New Year Resolution?
Bullet; Green How is the progress on your New Year Resolution?
Bullet; Green Still doing your New Year Resolution?

~Valentine Event~

Bullet; Green Do not forget to vote for the pairing in the poll: Choose the Pairing For Valentines Day!
Bullet; Green POLL LINK:
Bullet; Green Comments will not be counted as votes, you must vote in the poll only
Bullet; Green February 14- Honoring the winning couple of the Valentines Event by posting many MMD works to honor them


Bullet; Green You will see on January 31st!

~Data Overhaul~

Bullet; Green We deleted some deviations, but we are not done deleting them!

~Our Questions~

Bullet; Green It is our turn to ask everyone questions, we will be asking more this year! ^^
Bullet; Green It is optional if you want to give your answer
Bullet; Green Some will be physical/brain exercises!
Bullet; Green Pay attention to some of the descriptions, it will include some tips!

~Possible Group?~

Bullet; Green We thought of what our group would be like, we need a name for it ^^
Bullet; Green The group will be a resource for users who love to use Yugioh models
Bullet; Green DL locations will be included in the group to help users search for them
Bullet; Green Please post any other suggestions for the group ^^

~Another Admin for Hire?~

Bullet; Green This position is different from a typical Admin, we will explain the process in February! Stay Tuned for any details! (This will be edited when February starts)
Bullet; Green We will ask for applications on later date in February
Bullet; Green Users sent concerns about having another Admin here, but wait until the details are released


AskMMDYugi's Profile Picture
Yugi Muto (Mutou)

~About myself~
I currently live with my grandfather and mother, say hi to her when you see my mom! Grandfather owns a shop and tons of people visit there because of the different games (including some Duel Monster cards). He taught me everything he knew about dueling and I enjoyed it. In curiosity, I found the puzzle in the basement and wanted to solve it (Grandpa couldn't solve it).

I admit, school was rough, but everything turned out alright thanks to my friends. I never knew my destiny would change after solving the Millennium Puzzle and meeting "Yami." I feel as if he was my other "self," and we get along just fine. I usually depend on him when it comes to dueling because of his experience. My friends are: Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Téa Gardner, Mokuba, Seto Kaiba (sometimes). I have many other friends that I met along the way through Duelist Kingdom and many other adventures.

I do have friends from different worlds to stop by and visit for a bit, I even have my Season 0 counterparts and Henry Tudor currently living with us! Not to mention the Duel Monster spirits that we see daily!

Solving Puzzles

~Have any questions, ask us!!~

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