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Yugi Muto (Mutou)

~About myself~
I currently live with my grandfather and mother, say hi to her when you see my mom! Grandfather owns a shop and tons of people visit there because of the different games (including some Duel Monster cards). He taught me everything he knew about dueling and I enjoyed it. In curiosity, I found the puzzle in the basement and wanted to solve it (Grandpa couldn't solve it).

I admit, school was rough, but everything turned out alright thanks to my friends. I never knew my destiny would change after solving the Millennium Puzzle and meeting "Yami." I feel as if he was my other "self," and we get along just fine. I usually depend on him when it comes to dueling because of his experience. My friends are: Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Téa Gardner, Mokuba, Seto Kaiba (sometimes). I have many other friends that I met along the way through Duelist Kingdom and many other adventures.

I do have friends from different worlds to stop by and visit for a bit, I even have my Season 0 counterparts and Henry Tudor currently living with us! Not to mention the Duel Monster spirits that we see daily!

Solving Puzzles

~Have any questions, ask us!!~

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AmiLF Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi Yugi how are you doing? I just wanted to say I haven't done my fanfiction it's taking me a long time though I am very sorry T_T

Atem I like to ask a question to ask you, now I know that you like a girl to be normal but why can guys to be normal like, I mean I don't understand why guys aren't normal. But some.
YukiAtem12 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Oh hey Henry I forgot ask ya what do you think of your demon form that me and Phoenix-chan come up with in our own version of your demon self XD…
ufd Featured By Owner 2 days ago
The question about the traits you find in a girl, Atem, reminded me of an analysis I did of you sometime ago. It's in my other account.

The links to the other pages are in the description. What do you think? I also want to know what the other versions of Yami thinks too. Yes Abridged Yami, that includes you and your tutuness XD
AskMMDYugi Featured By Owner 2 days ago
AskMMDYugi Featured By Owner 2 days ago
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